DMU student chased and assaulted near Bede Park after social

By Tyler Arthur 

A student of De Montfort University, Leicester, was chased by a group of men who were hanging around near Bede Park in the early hours one morning.

Whilst walking home from a night out, Sam Pullen, 18, passed the attackers who were stood on a street corner, before they began to run after him.

The first year Forensic Science student was on his way home from the Students’ Union bar, after a Wednesday night social, when the incident occurred at approximately 3.30am on October 11.


Sam, 18, on the bridge between Bede Park and the DMU campus, next to which the attackers were stood.

Mr Pullen couldn’t remember the events with complete clarity because he was trying to run away, and was still only just sobering up from his night out.

He said: “After I walked past, I heard people running, which made me turn around to see these guys chasing after me.


Eastern Blvd: The corner on which the men were stood before they attacked Sam.

“I was still slightly drunk, and so I got scared and ran towards campus.”

Before he could get to the relative safety of the DMU grounds, the men caught up to him.

“They struck my back and were hitting me as I tried to run away in what I believe was an effort to knock me to the ground – but I managed to get to the campus, and they stopped following me.”

Due to the time, there weren’t many people on campus, but the attackers didn’t follow Mr Pullen once he’d crossed the road into the university.

“They stopped following me, and instead started throwing eggs at me, but they didn’t follow me any further.

“I kept moving, and once I knew they were far enough away, I went straight home,” he concluded.


SAFETY: Sam managed to make it to the campus, and his attackers stopped chasing him.

This attack occurred on October 11, during a month which has been filled with news of numerous incidents, especially in-and-around the area of Bede Park.

Since these attacks started, every DMU Society and Sports Team has been sharing a warning with all of their members urging them to stay safe by avoiding that area as much as possible and staying together on their way home.

Leicestershire Police have spoken out on the issue and said: “We urge people to stay in well-lit areas when out late and into the early hours of the morning, and to walk in large groups.”

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