Adventurers gather for new board game coffee shop

By Alex Murray

Leicester’s first ever board game coffee shop opened it’s doors to the public this week, with Quest welcoming players for the first time.

The shop, which opened on Belvoir Street, gives game enthusiasts the chance to relax and play their favourite board games, and to also chat with friends.IMG_2277

The shop has over 130 games available for players to enjoy, including favourites such as Hungry Hungry Hippos and host other games such as Magic the Gathering and Yu Gi Oh!

Charlie Smith, who visited the coffee bar this week, said: “When you walk in it’s like a normal war hammer/game shop but if you walk down the stairs you enter a new world! It’s the perfect place for socialising and board gaming! There’s even a section dedicated for babies!”

Quest has a main area for gaming, with a variety of tables and chairs for all your gaming needs.

However, there are also console gaming facilities available, and a secret room for role-playing games such as dungeons and dragons.

Matthew Johnson said: “So many different teas on offer and they do some amazing gluten free cake!.

“Whether it’s hungry hippos or dungeons and dragons, it’s a perfect venue for games with mates.”

The coffee bar is available for bookings or just walk-ins.

It also has a retail area that stocks a variety of board games, role playing books, card games and many other gaming accessories.

To play at Quest, it costs £1.60 per person, per hour or £4.50 for a three-hour slot. Other timed slots will be available in the future, however pricing on these is yet to be decided.

So if you are enthusiastic about your board games, head down to Quest to satisfy your taste for your favourite board games, or maybe even a new one.



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