DMU Skateboarding society is a big success

By Ollie Churm

A new club for skateboarders at De Montfort University has proved to be a huge success with students.

DMU skate society was created back in April 2018 and has already managed to gather about 60 members through social media and the Freshers Fair two weeks ago.

The society was set up to encourage people who skate or people who are interested in skating to get together and create a friendly environment to which anyone is welcome and to prevent people from having to skateboard by themselves.

Matt Knight, 20, Chairman of DMU Skateboarding Society, said: “When I was in my first year here at De Montfort I didn’t really have anyone to skate with but I knew there was a big skateboarding scene in Leicester, so I decided to get in touch with DMU and create a place for anyone who skates to meet up.”

The society plans on organising trips to go to different cities where they can visit skateparks and capture videos which they hope to edit together to form a longer 30-minute montage.

Mr Knight said: “Next month we’ve planned to go to the indoor skate park in Corby and we want to go to different cities such as Nottingham, Birmingham and Market Harborough.

“The society isn’t just about meeting up to skate though, it’s about forming a community of people. For instance this Wednesday because it’s raining and the indoor skating place in Leicester has been shut down, we’re just going to get together and watch some skating movies. So, it’s just a place where likeminded people can chill together.”

The society say that anyone is welcome regardless of their skating ability and they even have training boards for people who don’t have their own skateboards and who may have never skated before.

“One of the things I like about skateboarding is that it doesn’t matter who you are or what your background is, if someone skates, you’re friends. There’s no discrimination,” Mr Knight said.

The society has currently had two official meet-ups to which about 20 people turned up in Bede Park.

They charge the minimum society fee which is £2 membership and encourage anyone who’s interested in skating to get in touch.

You can find them on Instagram @dmuskate, on Facebook by searching ‘DMU SB’ or can contact them via email which is dmuskateboarding@googlemail.comimage1.jpg

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