Dragon’s Back Trail – An unmissable hike in Hong Kong

A map of the Dragon’s Back Trail courtesy of Discover Hong Kong. https://goo.gl/eSFR58

By Sara Torres Vinagre

Whether you love hiking or you’re a newbie like myself – the Dragon’s Back Trail is definitely worth doing.

Hong Kong might seem like the sort of place that’s rammed with tall buildings, cars and buses and never, ever sleeps –all of which is true. But Hong Kong is also filled with a lot of places where you can get yourself back in touch with nature while embracing some truly amazing views.

One of those sights is situated at the top of the Dragon’s Back. Yes, you have to walk all the way up, but it is definitely worth it, trust me. Also, at the finishing point of the hike, there’s a beach so what’s not to love?

The quickest way to get to the start of the trail is to get to the MTR station Shau Kei Wan on Hong Kong island. After that, you should catch the number 9 bus to Shek O. The trip costs somewhere inbetween 50p to £1.

The bus will stop at Shek O Road near to Tei Wan Village, and it’s almost impossible to miss the stop, as most people are headed to the same place.

The trail begins with a steep climb up steps, which I wasn’t expecting, so one or two bottles of water are absolutely needed for this part of the hike.

This section is definitely the most strenuous bit of the whole hike, however, it only lasts for about 30 minutes.

At this stage, skyscrapers and the ocean will start appearing on the horizon- all part of the breath-taking view over the Shek O Beach.

IMG_0182.JPGThe view over the Shek O Beach.

After this, the trail gets easier. Although we were still going up, there weren’t any steep steps – but mostly paths and occasionally rocks.
At 284 metres high, we reached the sightseeing platform on Shek O Peak. This is the highest point on the trail and offers a stunning panorama view over Tai Long Wan and Tung Lung Island. We could see some people paragliding in the great blue sky, which is also a great way of admiring the view.

IMG_0216.JPGThe panorama view over Tai Long Wan and Tung Lung Island.


IMG_0229.JPGFrom here, the trail levels out for about 1km before the descent into Tai Long Wan begins. It begins to feel comforting to know that somewhere down there a beach awaits.

There’s a lot of shade and humidity on this part of the trail, as trees and bushes reign at this point.
Little fountains can also be found along the stretch.


After a 45-minute walk, the trail ends at Big Wave Bay, Tai Long Wan. (A bus back to the MTR station can be caught from here, so no need for more strenuous walking.)

This is the perfect opportunity to ditch the sweaty clothes and have a swim in the ocean. There are little bars where you can eat local food while enjoying a Dragon’s Back Pale Ale or even coconut water.IMG_0261.JPG

Big Wave Bay, Tai Long Wan.

Enjoy some fried dumplings, coconut water and a beer after completing the trail.
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