Leicester Society of Artists hosts 132nd exhibition

By Harry Rogers

The 132nd annual exhibition of the Leicester Society of Artists (LSA) was opened last Thursday night, with work valued up to £6000 on display at the New Walk Museum and Art Gallery.

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Smiles all round: Sarah Charlton stands proudly next to her award-winning artwork

Many art lovers and competition winners attended the event which presented paintings and sculptures of all styles.

Chairman of the LSA and fellow artist Suzanne Harry said: “The exhibition itself is the major platform for members of the society to showcase their work and speaking as an artist, I personally regard it as the most important exhibition I do, of the year.

“It’s such high profile, it’s marketed well, the museum looks after us and the structure here is very helpful to feed into. It’s a very good basis in which to exhibit for an artist and it’s very successful.”

Leicester City Councillor Piara Singh Clair, who opened the exhibition, said: “From the artwork shown before us, we all see some special and really amazing work.”

Prizes were handed out in the opening ceremony to winners of numerous competitions held by the society.

Among the prize winners was De Montfort University Design Crafts graduate, Sarah Charlton, who won the Student Award with her design, inspired by intricate patterns and complex geometry.

She said: “It’s amazing (to win this award). I wasn’t expecting it at all and it’s such a great opportunity to exhibit my work with some amazing artists.”

The LSA holds an application scheme every April inviting new members to join, where artists from across Leicestershire can send their work in to be judged.

This year alone, 11 new artists were added to an already elite team.

Mrs Harry added: “It’s really a great accolade to be invited to be a member of the LSA, it’s a good accreditation to have on your CV.”

The LSA will also be hosting a guest lecture next week with their president and longest serving expert on the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow, Lars Tharp.

The talk named ‘From The Edge’ will raise money for charity and offer a detailed insight into the life of Mr Tharp.

The art exhibition will remain open at New Walk Museum and Art Gallery until December 17.

You can find out more information about the exhibition and Lars Tharp’s lecture at leicestersocietyofartists.co.uk 

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