Teenager found guilty of murder

A Leicester teenager who had previously been found guilty of murder has been sentenced at Leicester Crown Court to a minimum of 14 years in jail.


Mucaad Ali Faraah, 18, of Bishopdale Road, Leicester, stabbed Abdirahman Adam, 22, on St Mathews Way.

Mr Ali was reportedly in an argument with Mr Adam,  before stabbing him in the chest.

Mr Adam died later in hospital.

Mr Ali was sentenced on Tuesday, having been found guilty in May.

Detective Chief Inspector David Swift-Rollinson, of East Midlands Special Operations unit major crime team, said: “A single stab wound resulted in the death of a young man and a family have been left distraught by their loss.

“Farah chose to carry a knife that day and he intended to cause harm. He has shown no remorse for his actions and now faces a lengthy term in prison for his actions that fateful afternoon.

“Two families now have been left without their loved ones, following a seemingly insignificant argument that had such devastating consequences.

“Throughout the trial both families have acted in a very respectful and dignified manner, and I’d like to praise them for that.

“The two families have acted as one community throughout.

“Knife crime is a priority for the force and we are working closely with partner agencies to address the underlying issues, carrying a bladed weapon in a public place is an offence, and we aim to educate the young and old about the serious consequences of their actions.”

Hassan Mahamud, a resident on St Mathews Way, said: “When I first heard about the stabbing my reaction was of disbelief.

“My younger sister was walking down the road not too long before it happened.

“None of us feel safe anymore, my parents say that this street used to be safe, but it hasn’t been that way for a long time.”

Stacey Gillingham, also of St Mathews Way, said: “I have kids who used to walk home from school, but since the stabbing I am having to drive them to and from school.

“The street just doesn’t feel safe anymore.

“When something like this happens it not only really scares you, but it reminds you that life is precious and not to take loved ones for granted.”

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