Disney store returns to Highcross

By Kiran Bedder-Patel

Leicester’s Disney store has re-opened after a 10 month absence, but is only set to be open for the next three months.

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The returning store is in place of the old Jacamo menswear branch on the bottom floor of the Highcross shopping centre.

The former Disney store was closed down in January after 20 years in the city’s largest shopping centre. However the store will initially only be open for the festive period, in which business is expected to be high.

Twenty-year-old Joe Mason was a regular shopper at the former store and has mixed views on its return.

He said: “It’s so obvious what the motive is, to grab our money on toys for our children, nieces and nephews and then close again after Christmas. If that’s the case why doesn’t every store do that?

“I, like many others, remember the days of Disney having that massive teddy bear stand which we all used to run and jump into and when you walked in it seemed like a whole new world.”

Disney fans were saddened after the loss of the store in January after it was reported it was losing profits and running at a loss.

The store’s former unit is now home to a branch of Toys ‘R’ Us.

“I’m delighted it’s back,” Mr Mason said. “I used to spoil my two nieces in there and when it closed down I had to resort to online shopping. Buying Frozen and Cinderella merchandise just isn’t the same over the computer.

“This store will be the busiest shop in the Highcross over Christmas, for a fact. I just don’t want to be the one explaining to them why it’s gone again.”

The not-so-new store is recruiting for Christmas temporary positions. The job application states: “At Disney, we‘re storytellers. We make the impossible, possible.

“The cast member engages guests in magical experiences throughout the store, delighting them with stories, while providing options of quality, innovative products that meet their needs.”


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