Vintage kilo sale takes Leicester by storm

By Aidan Thompson

Nine tonnes of vintage clothing were up for grabs in Leicester at the recent Preloved Vintage Kilo Sale.

The event unfolded at the Empire Hall in Foundry Lane and saw avid shoppers stuff their bags from 10am until 5pm.

The clothing was priced at a bargain of just £15 per kilogram.

kilo sale 2.png

Popular with market traders and vintage clothing outlets, kilo sales work by selecting the garments you want and paying for the haul by weight rather than individual items.

A range of vintage branded sportswear, jackets, coats, jumpers, dresses, shoes, scarves and hats were all on sale at the fair.

Shopper Kieran Liddar said: “This is the first time I’ve had the chance to be at a proper kilo sale.

“The vintage stuff was of such good quality, I was so impressed.”

Items were displayed on rails and tubs allowing customers to rummage through.

Another bargain hunter, Francesca Gray said: “I bought two kilos worth of clothes and I feel like I managed to get half a wardrobe.

“The hall was absolutely packed, people were definitely hunting for the best, and it was like a little competition to find the best clothes.

“There were piles and piles of clothes.”

Prior to the event, organiser Preloved Kilo said: “We’ll be bringing along six tonnes plus three more tonnes of back up stock. We like to make sure there’s great stock all day.

“You’ll find big retro sportswear brands all the way to vintage denim and dresses. Shoes, accessories and a jewellery section.

“Whatever your style or favourite era the rails will be full this Saturday.

“On entry you’ll be given a big bag and it’s then all down to you.”

Customer scales were also placed around the hall to allow people to measure their spend throughout the day.

To promote the event 500 free tickets were handed out online.

Entry on the door was priced at £1.50.

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