Sun is set to make a great entrance in Britain this summer


To most people summer is the universal sign for a holiday, especially in Britain as it is one of the rare times we see any type of sun.

Although it is currently very chilly the sun has been peeking its eye in the city and this has clearly excited many people as T-shirts, sunglasses and even some flip-flops have been seen on the streets of Highcross.

The Leicestershire Press asked some people what they loved most about the summer holiday and the overall consensus was that summer was the time for a break; a time which lifts up the mood of many people and sees’s everyone outside in parks enjoying activities available to them.

But the question is even though we are seeing a bit of sun will we have a hot summer? The answer is yes, we will. According to The Sun newspaper ‘we’re set for a BBQ summer’. Jim Dale has predicted that we’re due to have a heatwave in June.


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