Hospitality LCFC tickets given to DMU students as a thank you


By Grace Morgan 

Select students from the men’s and women’s football team at De Montfort University (DMU) were given hospitality tickets to Leicester City’s clash with Middlesbrough.

The tickets included a three course meal before the game in the Legends Lounge.

Beaumont Town, the home venue for the DMU football players’ matches, is currently still closed and as a thank you for their patience and co-operation captains and chairmen were offered the tickets.

Hannah Curwen the women’s team chairwoman said: “It was a fantastic opportunity for us and it meant a lot to be shown that sort of appreciation from the university.”

The university offers out tickets to games via a ballot which is offered to staff and students for every home game and a limited amount of tickets are given away at random.

Beaumont Town is currently shut after complications between Beaumont Town Football Club (BTFC) and DMU over facility use and security issues.

The temporary closure of the facility has meant disruption for the football teams, including training cancellations and fixture re-arrangement.

Hannah said: “We have had to re-arrange a lot because of the closure, but we fully support why DMU have closed the facility and they have worked so hard to ensure we aren’t put under too much strain or caused too much disruption.”

The tickets were given to ten students who are involved in the football teams and they each received a free program for the game, an advent calendar and other free merchandise from the club.

Ellie Prendergast, the women’s football 2nd team captain said: “I’m not a Leicester fan but I thought it was such a nice thing for the university to do for us, and made us realise that they really care about us and how things affect us which is nice.”

The men’s and women’s football teams both tweeted out a thank you directly to the vice chancellor Dominic Shellard.