Original Step Performers present their new generation dance show


By Anita Amoah


The original step performers are part of one of Leicester’s leading dance schools, which teach children from the ages of 4-16.

The dancers performed their end of year dance show on both November 19 and 20 at the Upper Brown Street Theatre where parents and friends attended.

Parents seemed elated as they watched their children perform various dance numbers and this was clear through their constant applause.

Although during rehearsals the clearly excited students did not seem to be impressing their teacher, by the end of rehearsals, as well the shows, they pulled it all together.

Ruth Olatunji, 21, a volunteer student from De Montfort University said: “It was hectic backstage.

“It was more than I expected it to be, but the children were lovely to work with and their final performance was really good.”

The students performed on 19th at 7.30pm and at 4pm on 20th, November.

The staff worked hard to make sure the performances went well and the students performed a range of dances scaling from hip-hop to contemporary.

The dance school is a non-profit group run mainly by young people who volunteer their time on a weekly basis to participate in activities such as singing and dancing.

Weekly sessions are held in a local centre.

The Original step performers now have their own studio and have previously sold out showcases; this led them to open a two-day showcase.

Their aim for this performance was to allow parents to ‘come down and support this great event’.

The event was to be ‘a great family filled event’ to showcase all the children and young people’s hard work over the last year.

The tickets were £7 and sold out prior to the show.

The show ended with the dance students dancing and singing to ‘I believe’ by Yolanda Adams which got everyone to stand up and join in.

The group posted on their Facebook: “absolutely amazing weekend, so proud of each, and every one of you, considering in between acts you guys had literally 3 mins to get changed. You guys smashed it! And, wow you guys are LOUD boy!  Investment for the show prep wireless mic so the voice is safe lol only messing. Well done my superstars.”

They encourage anyone who wants to join the dance group on 07756226591 for more information.











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