DMU Music Society act hails ‘great’ night of movie-themed performances

By Nathan Rodrigues

Tim Baker (pictured left) with friends performing at The Cookie


A leading performer from DMU Music Society has praised the society’s movie inspired showcase, describing it overall as a ‘great’ and entertaining night.

The society, which consists of a variety of talented acts from full bands to individual instrumentalists, held their ‘At The Movies’ event earlier this week on Tuesday November 22, in the basement of ‘The Cookie’ in Leicester, as the crowd were treated to an evening of live music from classic films.

Tim Baker, who performed during the showcase and is also the Chairman for DMU Music Society, said he thoroughly enjoyed the experience, reserving special praise for the crowd.

He said: “Overall, it was a great night, great atmosphere, lots of talent and friendly people – I played with a few friends and we performed Canned Heat from Napoleon Dynamite, Circle of life and Footloose.

“The crowd were absolutely incredible and everyone had a fabulous time.”

The event, which ran from 7pm – 11pm, featured renditions of soundtracks from films including Beauty and the Beast, James Bond and Twilight, which Tim said were all ‘well performed’ through a mix of musical styles such as on the piano and acoustic guitar.

Every month, the society holds a themed showcase at The Cookie which is open for the public to attend, as members are asked to perform at least one piece which relates to the particular concept.

The showcase themes are decided by the society’s committee and the next one will be Decades, in which each act will perform music from a different decade.

Even though Tim appreciated the recent theme of movie soundtracks, he has one particular upcoming theme which he is personally looking forward to.

Tim said: “The theme of film music is a great theme – loads of sing along tunes and plenty of freedom to experiment.

“However, I think my favourite theme will be risky business, which is in May.”

Tim has been a member of the society since he started his first year at university and cited his love for performing as the main reason for joining the society, also believing that events like themed nights at The Cookie are crucial to DMU Music Society’s aim of enabling musicians to express themselves on stage.

He added: “The showcase events are a big part of what we do, as essentially, it is the best chance for members to show off their musical skills and talents.”

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