Police crack down on mobile criminals using our roads

By Joel Wood

Leicestershire Police have been supporting a nationally ran scheme to crack down on criminals who are on our roads.

‘Operational Trivium 7’ took place across the county with Neighbourhood officers, Special Constables and Tactical Roads Policing Officers all working together to find these criminals.

In the four hour operation, which took place just off Narborough Road, police seized 7 vehicles, 3 people were reported for not wearing a seatbelt, 2 people were served vehicle defect notifications and 2 people were dealt with by Court Enforcement Officers for non-payment of fines amounting to £775.

PC 521 Tony Bunker said; “Today we had a high profile presence in Leicester aimed at protecting our communities by targeting criminals who travel on our roads. We’ve taken seven vehicles off our roads and dealt with a wide variety of offences. It was extremely busy all morning and I hope this will send a strong message to criminals that if they use our roads they will be caught.”

Detective Superintendent Paul Keasey, head of the National Roads Policing Intelligence Forum, said: “Over the past three years, Operation Trivium has proved highly effective in disrupting criminal networks active in human trafficking, modern slavery, illegal immigration and a wide range of other crimes.

“Once again we wish to make clear that there is no hiding for criminals and that borders hold no barriers when it comes to bringing about justice.

Further operations like this are being held tomorrow in Lincolnshire and in Northamptonshire on Friday.

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