Two men jailed for wounding and robbery of 49-year-old man

By Mark Farmer

Two men have been jailed for their part in the robbery and wounding of a man.

On 24 May 2016 two attackers sought to gain access to a 49-year-old man’s bank account through stealing his card, and did so using a lethal weapon.

Shaun Astill, 40, wielding a knife, assaulted the victim, while the other defendant, 23-year-old Alexander Dawson, took the victims’ bank card.

Astill, of Bonney Road, Leicester, entered a guilty plea to wounding with intent to cause GBH while Dawson, of Tudor Close, Leicester, pleaded guilty to robbery.

The defendants have received a five year, four-month jail sentence, and three years and seven months respectively.

“This was a horrific attack and one which has left the victim with life-long injuries, which he is still struggling to come to terms with,” said Detective Constable Vicki Hudson, the officer in the case.

Constable Hudson added: “Both the offenders are well known to the police and I hope that their prison sentences show that the community will not put up with their criminal activities, risking the lives of others.”