Viral video challenge makes its way to De Montfort University

By Mel Hawes

A viral video challenge has made its way to De Montfort University, with many student groups creating their own.

Both the university’s American Football team and the cheerleading squad have taken part in the challenge, with the media society also getting in on the action.

DMU Saints cheerleading squad take part in the mannequin challenge

The mannequin challenge follows in the footsteps of a whole host of viral video challenges. It sees groups of people standing still in the videos that have been posted on social media.

DMU American Football media secretary, Lloyd Stone said: “We just thought we’d give it a go, we didn’t expect the reaction that we got.”

The craze first started in America by a group of teenagers standing like mannequins with the same music track in the background. Videos started appearing at the beginning of November, with thousands of people posting their own versions online.

Various faces from the celebrity world have also been taking part, from the Kardashians to Jamie Vardy and the England football squad.

In the videos, the camera winds through the scene with people standing completely still with close ups of the participants. Groups will typically challenge others to do their own versions.

Students at DMU have been taking part in the challenge and posting on social media with #MannequinChallenge.

DMU American Football were the first group at the university to jump on the bandwagon and have racked up over 400 views with a video filmed during a gym session. Other student groups were quick to follow suit.

Lloyd added: “As a team we’re not necessarily one of the most active on social media, but this has really boosted that. We also got to have a bit of fun after a hard training session which is never a bad thing.”

The university cheerleading squad filmed their video during a practice session, holding members in various positions and doing different moves from their routine. The student media group, Demon Media also got in on the action with various strands doing their own take on the challenge which sees them in their filming and radio studios.

Unlike previous viral video challenges this isn’t for charity, instead the groups at the university have been using this to promote their teams and matches.

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