Not so Merry Midwives in Leicestershire

By Jake Johnson

Song and dance troupe, the Merry Midwives, have been left disappointed after their show for the Burbage Community Arts Festival was cancelled.

The event, which was set to take place next year, would have been a particular highlight for some of the troupe as it would have been their first time playing in their local village.

Thirty-year-long Merry Midwives member, Clare Veasey of Sharpless Road, Burbage, said: “I was very disappointed having been invited to participate in the festival, and then to be told later the decision had been overruled with no explanation.”

The Merry Midwives have been running for 30 years, and have so far raised in the region of £90,000.

Clare added: “The arts festival has, over the years brought the community together.”

The arts group originally started to raise money for the birthing unit in George Elliot Hospital, but over the last eight years they have been raising money for the Mary Ann Hospice in Nuneaton, Warwickshire.

The troupe performs skits, dances and parody songs that include, The Great Placenta, to the tune of The Great Pretender by Freddie Mercury and Super Pooper, to the tune of Abba’s Super Trooper.

Burbage Community Arts Festival is a non-profit organisation, which was set-up in order to bring a variety of different acts to Burbage.

The acts include comedians, dance troupes and singers amongst others.

Every November a committee meets in order to select acts and arrange the event for the following year which runs for two weeks.

Julie Brady, founding member and organiser said: “As far as missing out on this event, it doesn’t really affect our year.

“We have our usual big event planned, which will be around October or November next year, amongst several other smaller shows throughout the year.”

Clare added: “The Merry Midwives will continue to entertain and raise considerable amounts for charity.

“I am saddened that we will not be welcomed at the festival which I have enjoyed for many years.”



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