Leicester Racecourse Bonfire Night disappointment

By Vicki Connelly

Hundreds of people were left feeling disappointed after being turned away from a fireworks display held at Leicester Racecourse.

The main fireworks display, which raised money for Rainbows Hospice, was due to start at 8pm, as well as the bonfire being lit at 7:30pm on Saturday November 5.

However, many excited visitors were left unhappy after they were told by racecourse staff that they could not allow them entry, due to the event having reached its capacity.

Tracey Stevens, 43, who was waiting in the queue at the time said: “I was in the line with my two little boys and husband when a member of staff shouted out that they were going to be closing off the entry because it had reached its full capacity and was no longer safe.

“I felt so annoyed, and my sons were devastated as they had been so excited all week to see the fireworks at the weekend.

“In all honesty, I found it hard to believe that it was full because there were people constantly coming out of the exit with their families as there was a kid’s fireworks display that started earlier on in the evening.”

She added: “We still had a good night because we just stood outside on the pavement and watched the fireworks from there, but I will be making sure that I pre-order tickets next year rather than try and pay on the gate to avoid disappointment.”

The racecourse holds the same event each year to raise money for Rainbows Children’s Hospice, and as well as the bonfire and fireworks, they also have a fun fair, along with various food and drink stands.

Catherine Robinson, 23, who managed to get into the event, said: “Me and my boyfriend just bought the tickets beforehand because we like to be organised, but when we arrived and saw the crowds, I was so glad that we did.

“The queues outside for paying on the gate were ridiculous, and when we got inside, it was so crowded. We literally couldn’t move, and basically stayed in the same place the whole night.

“I couldn’t fault the fireworks display though, they were stunning and we had a really good time.”

Leicester Racecourse was contacted to comment but no reply was given.

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