DMU Music Technology at the music café

The music café for the second year running became the host of De Montfort University’s Music Technology Institute showcase.

For the two months, Music Technology students had spent their time preparing their flashiest and unique musical elements together ready for Tuesday night’s showcase and with much time deliberating about what lighting they wanted, what cables were being plugged where and several times asking “Why isn’t this working?”, the musicians were ready.

“I’m pretty excited about this” said Lee Allen, Music Tech Student and one of the events performers and organisers. “We did the same sort of thing last year, which went pretty well, so if we could get the same with more of an audience this time that would be great.”

Lee’s wishes were answered, with the Music Café being filled with 100 audience members.

First act of the night was Kelly Marshal and her band at large.

Second act of the night was Ben Middle with his array of curious different homemade musical devices that he built himself to create a sinister and dizzying wall of sound.

“This one here is a marimba that I essentially stuffed with a bunch of components that I had spare,” Ben explained.

Next up was Mickey Kelly with Tom and his pedal board the size of a small dog.

After that, the more traditional bands Last Minute and Earls took the stage and rocked people’s faces off before the night was wrapped up by Timmas displaying to the audience what could be achieved with just drums and guitar alone, pushing each of their respective instruments to the limits.

The night ended with Lee saying “keep an eye out, because this probably will happen again.”


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