DMU and UOL join together for TDoR

By Nicolle Payne

Students plan to gather on Sunday to have a day of remembrance and celebration after a week of transgender visibility and awareness.

The students LGBT+ societies of both Leicester universities will gather at the Trade Sexual Health Centre to discuss with other members of the LGBT+ community issues facing trans people.

Daniel Murgatroyd De Montfort Student Unions LGBTQ+ Rep said: “TDoR (Trans Day of Remembrance) is important because not only does it remind us of how far we have come, but it also reminds us what we still have to achieve.

“It is a time both to celebrate the achievements of the last year, and mourn those who we have lost.”

As well as discussion there will be short movie playing about the Orlando shooting by Heather Cassils, a short performance, and then a sparkler vigil down at Bede Park.

TJ Crooks, organiser of the event said: “This is the first time we’re holding an all afternoon event with discussion and a lot going on in a celebratory way, I want to make sure I set an example for the next committee so they do just as good of a job next year.

“It means a lot to me because while I was researching for it, I thought I was an example of normal trans people but it turns out I’m the exception.”

Monday’s Demon FM radio did an hour special radio session on transgender awareness for their show InFocus with guest speakers talking about issues and experiences.

In the past year at De Montfort Students Union and university have put in gender neutral toilets in most of the buildings at the university and has added a gender box for survey forms instead of a drop down option.

Amy Robinson co-chair of University of Leicester’s LGBTQ+ society said: “It’s great that we get to worth with DMU’s LGBT+ society in this, that we can push past our rivalry and come together for this important day in support for our community.”

The event will take place from 1pm at Trade, 27 Bowling Green St and Finish at 4pm In Bede Park.

DMU Pride will also feature in February next year where the staff, students and the LGBT+ community outside of the university will come together for a month long celebration.

11990632_10208050786297873_413324029875322359_nLast Year’s Transgender Day of Remembrance vigil

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