Trump victory divides opinion in Leicester

By Kerri Stevenson

News that Donald Trump has won the US election and is set to become President drew a mixed response from members of the public in Leicester’s city centre today.

Views ranged from being incredibly positive towards Trump’s policies and hopeful for the future of US politics to highly negative, with some expressing their fears for the states following the election.

Kiran Kullar

Kiran Kullar

Among the fearful was social worker Kiran Kullar, 32, who said: “This decision is madness and am I disgusted. In my opinion this was a terrible decision and has put me off visiting the US.

“To be honest I don’t know what the American public were thinking. What changes is Trump going to make and how much is he going to get away with?”

Other members of the public were more optimistic, expressing their hope that Trump’s new political policies will help to shape the US and change the lives of those who live there in a positive way.

Supervisor Vicky Smith, 44, said: “In my opinion, Trump’s views are better than Clinton’s and I believe that his views are generally fair.

Vicky Smith

Vicky Smith

“Although I agree that his policies aren’t always great, I think he has  America’s best interests at heart, which is why he has been in the public eye more than Clinton and this drew in more voters.”

Comparisons between the US election and the UK’s Brexit were also drawn as both events were covered so heavily in the press and had a huge impact on the reporting of politics both here and in the states.

Jason McNally

Jason McNally

Sales Director Jason McNally, 39, said: “This election is along the same lines as Brexit in some ways.

“More people than ever voted and although I am unsure of how Trump’s policies are going to work, I am very hopeful that the right decision has been made.”

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