Students trained to detect deadly diabetes risks


By Kerri Stevenson

Students from De Montfort University received training today to help spot the signs of diabetes.

The training sessions took place throughout the day at the Hugh Aston Building. They aimed to teach students how to perform risk assessments on members of the public to check their risk for developing diabetes and to provide advice on how to reduce this risk.

The training sessions were organised by DMU’s Square Mile project, which was set up in 2011. The project aims to connect the university to the local community and to raise awareness of issues that mainly affect ethnic minorities.

Attending the event was Haddija Sillah, a 2nd year Medical Science student, who said: “I decided to take part in these sessions today as I wanted to volunteer to improve my knowledge as a medical student and my potential career paths.

“This is a great opportunity as DMU is one of the first universities to train students to do this and it helps us give something back to our local community.”

Diabetes UK entered a partnership with DMU in February 2016 and aim to train as many students as possible to perform risk assessments and raise awareness of the issues caused by diabetes.

So far, the charity has trained between 60 and 70 students and aim to tackle the diabetes crisis that is spreading across the country.

Diabetes costs the NHS £9.8 billion every year and this is expected to rise to £16.9 billion within 25 years. This would be around 17  per cent of the NHS budget. 

The partnership between DMU and Diabetes UK began in Leicester because the multicultural city is home to a large number of ethnic minorities, who are two to four times more likely to develop diabetes.


Partnership Delivery Manager Jasmin Chowdhury said: “Because ethnic minorities are at a higher risk, we aim to reach out to them and help them take responsibility for themselves while accessing our support and services.

“By organising these training sessions we hope to give different ethnic communities a voice and to provide knowledge and advice on things such as lifestyle choices and diet.”

If you are interested in taking part in these training sessions or would like to get involved with DMU Square Mile, please contact Debbie Tinsley at




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