Noise complaints rise as university students flood back into the city

By Joel Wood

Numerous noise complaints have been received by letting agencies as well as both De Montfort and Leicester University in recent months.

The flood of students coming back from their holidays has sparked a rise in the nightlife around the city causing residents to be effected.

Lander Lettings agent, Tina Collins said, “We always see a rise in the number of noise complaints around this time of year.

“Students come back from the holidays for freshers and throw a lot of parties during the early stages of their academic year.”

Both universities within the city offer great support to the residents and letting agencies making them aware if there are any problems with their students they should let them know.

Tina continued: “Both DMU and Leicester University are of course worried about their students causing problems for the wider community as it is them who also have a reputation to uphold.

In some circumstances, students have been known to be removed from university for their noisy behaviour on nights out.

DMU student, Joe Lane, 21, said: “There will always be more noise around freshers’ week as it is a big event for all students. Most students are very respectable and do not clash with the other residents.”

Supporting this Tina said: “There are not always these sorts of problems as student accommodation sees different groups move in every year. It is just the odd few who ruin it for the others.”

De Montfort University say: “De Montfort University is committed to working in partnership with its students and the local community to create a safe environment.

“When students do behave in a manner that is unacceptable and brings the reputation of the university into ill repute, the institution will exercise a variety of disciplinary measures.”

If you are having any problems with noise around student areas call +44 (0)116 252 7001 for DMU and +44 (0)116 223 1185 for the University of Leicester.

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