Leicester residents left disappointed by Diwali fireworks

By Olivia Whaley

Leicester City Council has faced a backlash after many of the city’s residents were left dissatisfied with Sunday’s Diwali firework display.

Thousands of people from across the country gathered to celebrate the event in Belgrave Road and Cossington Street Recreation Ground but have since spoken out about their disappointment.

This year the fireworks were moved from Cossington Park and set off from Abbey Park, to create an aerial view.

A Leicester City Council spokesperson said they moved the location of the firework display after ‘they were advised to by a health and safety executive’.

Computing teacher, Kitesh Mistry, from Leicester joins in with the celebrations every year but was left frustrated after Sunday’s events. He said: “People have been coming from all over the world to see the biggest celebration outside of India and they were subjected to this. You couldn’t see the fireworks and they lasted about two minutes.”

Numerous events have taken place across the city over the past few weeks, including the Diwali light switch on, a fashion show and various dance workshops.

This Sunday was the official start of Diwali and the firework display was supposed to mark the start of the five-day celebrations.

Many residents have been suggesting that the council shouldn’t have moved the fireworks. Mr Mistry added: “They should go back to what has worked for the past 30 years and do the fireworks in Cossington Park.”

Others took to Twitter and Facebook to express their frustration by suggesting that the fireworks were ‘the worst ever’ and that ‘the city was let down.’

Councillor Piara Singh Clair, Assistant City Mayor has said that the firework display will be reviewed for next year.

He said: “We have all seen the success of Diwali festival for many years – it has grown from strength to strength. We had to take advice from the health and safety executive to let the fireworks off elsewhere, in order to make the festival safer.”

Councillor Clair added that ‘he fully agreed with the people who have made complaints.’

He said: “It was not ideal – it did not have the impact which we have seen in previous years. We will be reviewing arrangements for the fireworks display ahead of next year’s celebrations.”


  1. Ansuya mistry says:

    Exactly my view and thoughts about the Diwali lights were the same! I was born in Leicester too, I moved to rugby 24 years ago as I got married my family have always attended the celebrations for Diwali in Leicester, my daughter was also very disappointed too! So sad to have moved the fire works display to abbey park, I was very annoyed and upset about that! We have always had the display at cossington park for so many years, I don’t really think health and safety was really the issue! Am glad to hear people have spoken up about this because it was awful I thought, hopefully next year it’s back at cossington park, that’s where the fire works display belong!! Hopefully the fireworks will be bigger and better, this year was a total flop!

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