Great news for DMUWFC as they are appointed a new top class coach


By Grace Morgan

Week five of term has been a happy one for DMU women’s football as they appointed a new coach.
A new job role was offered this year which incorporated the women’s football coaching job on a full time basis.
Nimesh Patel, a UEFA B level coach, has now been appointed much to the relief and delight of the members of DMU women’s football team.
Hannah Curwen DMUWFC chairwoman said: “We have been excited to see who our new coach would be after such a huge change to how sport is being run we knew it would take a bit of time until someone was appointed.”
The teams haven’t had the best possible start to the season with the 1st team losing both of their opening matches and the 2nd team losing all three of their opening matches.
Hannah said: “With the start to the season not being the best the coach couldn’t have come in at a better time.”
Nimesh has been appointed as Football Co-ordinator and will oversee everything including referee appointing to training the women’s team.
Nimesh Patel said: “I am very eager to start my new role, it will be a new challenge for me, one that I am going to relish I think.”
DSU sport has now been changed over to DMUsport and is run from a different office.
It has been a big change for students however it is all in aid of making the university look more professional and run smoother.
All of the coaches for sport teams have been made official roles meaning they are now staff members of the university.
More teams than ever before have been entered into British Universities and Colleges Sport, the university league for sport at university, than ever before and DMU have picked up more ‘BUCS points’ already this season.
Nimesh said: “It is a great time to come into the university and put my stamp onto it.
“There are high hopes for all of the sport teams at DMU, but women’s football especially has a reputation to uphold with how well they did last season.”
With all coaches now having started at DMU the hope is that the teams will only progress further and the standings in BUCS at the end of the year will be the highest ever for DMU.


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