Leicestershire-based Coventry fan praises Foxes

Picture: Wikipedia

Picture: Wikipedia

Life-long Leicestershire resident Richard Chamberlain has been regretting not choosing to support his local football team at a young age.

DMU Journalism graduate Richard grew up supporting nearby Coventry City instead of the more local Leicester City – and he’s been feeling the the pain for the last two weeks.

Richard, who graduated in 2008 with a Journalism degree, now works for drumming magazine Rhythm, has had leaner times with the Sky Blues in recent years than his dark blue Foxes fan friends have been experiencing.

He said: “As someone who has lived in Leicestershire for all but one year of my life I should be in the thick of today’s celebrations for LCFC’s incredible achievement.

“Unfortunately, at a very young age I made a poor decision – to support Coventry City.

“Still, today even I have to take my hat off to Leicester. An inspiring, once-in-a-lifetime and much deserved victory. An unbelievable season full of great football (so I’m told).

“Today is also 29 years to the day since Coventry won the FA Cup. I’ll just keep clinging on to that, shall I…”

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