Arsenal Are Arsenal’s Biggest Problem in the Premier League

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By George Bushell


Those aren’t the odds of Arsenal winning the Champions League this year.

Those were the odds of Leicester City winning the Premier League at the start of the year.

Now their top and two points clear of us in third place.

Obviously from the perspective of a Leicester fan, that’s nothing short of fantastic.

But, I’m not a Leicester fan. Therefore I find myself asking the question, why aren’t Arsenal running away with the League this year, or at least closer to top spot?

Why on earth are we below Spurs?

Well, to start with, Arsenal do not know how to control a game.

There is a reason why Arsenal have such a low goal difference compared to the other teams which occupy the three spots above them.

Across the course of the season so far there are several instances that show Arsenal cannot continuously manage a game like a title-winner should.

When to press, when to sit back and absorb pressure, when to absolutely kill a game by maintaining possession rather than gifting it to the opposition in the latter stages of the game.

Tactically naïve.

When to play a high line. (Hint: it isn’t when you have Mertesacker in your team).

Following on from that. Arsenal simply are not scoring enough goals.

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And when you have someone like Özil playing in the side and making chance after chance it is simply a crime.

Chance creation is not a problem in the team. According to Squawka, Mesut Özil has created 97 chances, gaining 16 assists in the process.

Yet Arsenal have scored less goals than Manchester City, Leicester City and Spurs.

Since the days of Henry, Fabregas and even Van Persie, Arsenal have lacked a consistent and reliable goal scorer, something each of the aforementioned teams each most certainly have.

Lack of options up front, which leads me nicely to Arsenal’s biggest problem.


Why can’t Arsenal keep the majority of their key players out of the injury room for the majority of the season?

Wilshere hasn’t kicked a ball.

Alexis and Coquelin, two of Arsenal’s most important players, have both just come back from a lengthy spell on the sidelines.

Does Danny Welbeck exist or is he a figment of my imagination?

Arsenal prove it every year, they’re all made of glass.

But don’t worry too much just yet boys and girls. There are still 13 games to go.

It could get a whole lot worse.

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