How does mentoring benefit the community?



Hundreds of children have benefited from one-to-one mentoring by a De Montfort University student.

As part of the DMU Local Homework Club Project, around 300 students have been involved in raising the attainment and aspirations of hundreds of primary and secondary school pupils.

David Hollis, DMU Local Operations Manager, said: “Originally, it was a project that was created in response to what teachers were telling us around some of their children falling behind in specific subject areas.”

With DMU students are working in schools across Leicester, more communities are able to benefit from this additional school support.

Sarah Ford, a mentor at Lancaster Boys School, said: “I think they [mentors] are vital. I think we are really well positioned; we’re not teachers, we’re not family but we are professionals.

“We are able to sit down with a young person and speak to them about what’s really going on, how they’re really doing.”

The benefit also extends to DMU students though, who get to benefit the community and improve their CV.

Ellie Hummerstone, an English Literature and Education Studies Student and volunteer mentor, said: “It [mentoring] helps with my course. I actually get mentoring and I’d like to pass what I learn onto other students.”

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