Mental health campaign stamps out stigma at DMU in Leicester

stamp out stigma

By Bethany Smith

A Stamp Out Stigma campaign was launched at DMU on Monday to raise mental health awareness among students.

The university’s Vice President of Welfare, Keira Rounsley, 21, set up a string of events around campus that took place both Monday and Tuesday in order to promote communication and provide an outlet for those suffering.

She said: “This campaign is about supporting people with mental health problems. Students can come to university with pre-existing mental health conditions or react to mental illness whilst they’re here and it’s our job to support them throughout their time at university and let them know that there’s no shame in feeling anxious, stressed or depressed, there is always someone to talk to.”

A charity bike ride took place in which sports teams and societies rode an exercise bike for 874 miles to raise money for Richmond Fellowship, a mental health charity that will provide a drop in service for the university.

Students were also encouraged to contribute to a hand print page in which they pressed their painted hands onto a sheet, along with their names and an explanation of what de-stresses them.

Other events included meditation, arts and crafts, mini boxing session, free tea and cake, bubble wrap popping, puppy petting and a film night.

Miss Rounsley, who recently passed a policy to ensure that at least one person from every society is trained in the issue, said: “Mental health is so important to me because not only have I suffered with it myself, my mum has had severe depression.

“Truth is, everyone has it, whether it’s good or bad and Stamp out Stigma is here to get students and staff talking about it and for that openness to have a positive impact on their lives.”

The campaign will run for the rest of the year and more events will be put on such as DSU de-stress which will take place around exam time.

Miss Rounsley will also be running more campaigns throughout the year including Tighten your Belt, a healthy eating campaign, Take a Moment, a housing campaign and a Personal Safety campaign.

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