‘100 ideas’ for DMU

By Annabel Easton
We spoke to Adam Redfern, Vice President of Media and Communication for the DSU, on how they will be popping up around campus to speak to students about their views on important changes for DMU.
It was at a regular meeting with the CEO of the University where Adil Waraich, President of the DSU was told that the Board of Governors wanted the students involved in DMU’s next strategic plan, ‘100 ideas’ for DMU.
Taken from Britain’s iconic 100 ideas for Britain campaign, DMU are asking students what they think should be changed at University, from everything to do with their course to their accommodation on campus.
These ideas will then all be presented to the Board of Governors who will then decide on the best changes to be made.
So on Monday 1st December for one week, representatives of the DSU will be asking you students what you would like to see change at DMU. Each day they will pop up in random places on campus to gauge your views on life at University. In exchange for a cupcake and a quick photo, you can contribute your opinion on important subjects.
This weeks events will give more power to the students, giving them a voice and opinion at DMU. Previously, the DSU’s involvement had included online forums, meaning this year is a massive step up as they can get students involved with the event.
Adam had to say: ‘We have a good relationship with the University and they’ve asked us to get involved with this initiative’. 
So from Monday 1st December for one week, you can find the DSU team from 12-1pm at different locations around campus. Stay involved by checking the DSU website to see where the DSU team will appear next.

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