Old clothes, new futures

old clothes copyBy Megan Colley

Students were given the opportunity to donate their unwanted clothes in aid of The New Futures Project on Monday, March 16, at the DMU campus.

The New Futures Project is a campaign run by students in aid of women at risk of sexual exploitation.

Third year social work student, Katy Sharman said that the charity “relies on donations.

“We are the only charity in Leicester that supports people like this.”

 The project was available to accept donations from 9am-6pm at the Queens building, and was taking any old clothes, bags and shoes.

 The Project is a small charitable organisation that aims to improve the quality of life of those exploited through and involved in sexual exploitation and prostitution.

 In addition to donating clothes, the charity provides these vulnerable people with food and drink, showering facilities and help with housing and employment.

 The charity also gives information on sexual health, drugs and alcohol and education and training.

 Katy, a volunteer worker at the organisation, added: ‘Tesco donate food packages every two weeks which the charity then hand out to those at risk.”

 The charity aims to provide confidential and non-judgemental help. Katy said: “We are a support network.”

 The charity discovered that there are people as young as 12 and 13 that are involved in sexual exploitation. The organisation secured funding in order to expand on work being done for young people at risk.

 The service is available to call from Monday to Friday during the day for those who need support. For more information you can visit The New Futures Project website at www.new-futures.org.uk.

Donations are always welcome from the charity and they would appreciate any support.

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