Expert Wurzner’s wise words to be welcomed by Leicester


One of Europe’s top science experts on city sustainability will give a public lecture in Leicester next month.

This will be the first open event to take place at the newly refurbished city hall on Tuesday November 18 and this is the second talk of its kind after a previous successful speech.

Nick Divine, of Leicester City Council’s environmental team, said: “The main idea is to bring all the sectors that are interested in environmental fields and get them all in one room and encourage discussion amongst them.

“There will be a key speaker with a lot of knowledge and we hope those involved will be able to make new connections and contribute their ideas.”

Dr Eckart Würzner, Mayor of Heidelberg, Germany, and President of the European Energy Cities Network, will be the keynote speaker at Leicester’s Low Carbon City Lecture.

Dr Würzner, said: “Today international politicians still debate about climate change, whereas cities already act towards a climate neutral future.

As president of the European cities network Energy Cities, I´m committed to the energy transition on the local level.”

The lecture will also encompass local experts to debate climate change and pinpoint some of the challenges the city may face.

Mr Divine, said: “We want to launch a climate change plan which will be an annual document which will detail the paths that the city will take to reduce its carbon footprint. “

Carbon emissions in Leicester have fallen by more than 30 percent since 1990 according to official government statistics and the city hopes to cut its carbon emissions by more than 50 per cent come the year 2025.

Mr Divine added: “We hope to leave a legacy.”

The event begins at 5.15pm and admission is free, but tickets must be booked in advance and are available at

Sam Morris

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