Local traders fear demolition impact


By Kizzy Bass

Businesses fear the demolition of the New Walk Centre this weekend will cause chaos to Sunday trade.

Leicester City council’s previous offices are to be demolished with controlled explosions at around 10am on Sunday 22nd February with a 150-meter exclusion zone impacting local homes and businesses.

Many businesses will have to stay closed from 6am to 6pm to ensure the safety of the public and many homeowners will have to stay away during this time.

One business that will be open during the demolition is the Bannatyne Health Club, which is just outside of the exclusion zone. Nicola Lucas, Reception Manager for Bannatyne Leicester, said: “We have been informed to stay open and the car park at the rear is also open too.”

Other businesses on Welford Road, including the local Premier store will remain closed all day causing the business to lose money during their normal trading hours.

The exclusion zone includes Upper Brown Street, Chancery Street, Wellington Street, Park Street and across to Duke Street, Mill Street and Welford Road.

The demolition of the building by DSM Contracts is designed for the two buildings to fall in on themselves.

The city council vacated the buildings following the 2011 report, which deemed the two tower blocks as structurally unsafe. The council’s staff are now housed at numerous council buildings around the city with the main bulk moving to City Hall in Charles Street.

600 local households and businesses have been given the opportunity of watching the implosion at the Leicester Tigers ground.

Many more people are expected to view the building being blown up. Ken Leadbeater, Building attendant at De Montfort University, said: “I would if I could get near enough. I’ve never seen a controlled explosion live before.”
More information can be found at www.leicester.gov.uk/newwalkcentre


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