Black panther spotted near Coalville

1911129_410508865768031_6022030033205038320_oEXCLUSIVE By Harry Bourne

Another sighting of the Leicestershire ‘black beast’ has emerged.

The mysterious creature was spotted in Coalville on October 25 by a security guard, according to the Rutland and Leicestershire Panther Watch.

It follows on from reports that the big cat had been seen twice in two days in early September in the nearby area of Lubenham. A man had seen the beast crossing the same road on the Sunday and Monday evening claiming: “It was definitely a panther, I recognised the tail.”

Sightings of the ‘dog-sized cat’ have been recorded in the Leicestershire countryside mainly around Market Harborough from the mid 1990s.

People have been cited as seeing the creature around Arthingworth, Kibworth and East Farndon.

Of the reports made over the years, about 80 have come from police officers. In 2009, a school girl and her mother saw “a feline creature about the size of a Labrador”.

On average a black panther would survive for 12 years in the wild, but have been known to survive for as long as 23 years.

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