Whitwick planning permission for massive housing project


Chris Harper

Major plans to build a 44 house estate in Whitwick have reached North West Leicestershire County Council and are currently being considered.

The estate, which is being built on Loughborough Road, will include 19 three bedroom houses and 21 four or more bedroom houses.

Other aspects of the build will include a wildsite, open space and planting which will all be part of the National Forest.

Mr and Mrs Watret, of Castle Road, said that they weren’t sure about the new project but thought it would be inevitable.

Mrs Watret, 63, said: “I think it’s going to come round eventually anyway because money talks and this is a big project.

“I do think it’s going to be a big thing for schools however and the roads are going to be so congested.”

Mr Watret, 69, said: “The problem I have is with the traffic because it’s already a nightmare.

“It’s bad enough as it is and with size of the houses, there will obviously be more problems.”

The application was made by Rayleigh Group on Friday September 26 and recently became open to comments.

Loughborough Road has been subject to many planning permissions in the past, one smaller plan being refused in March.

Heather and Tony Hurn, owners of the Man Within Compass pub, are directly opposite to the proposed building area.

She said: “I’m quite happy about it.

“It’s going to happen and it’s going to be good.”

The application has reached the council and is now open to comments to the general public until Tuesday October 28.

For more information about the planning, go to https://plans.nwleics.gov.uk

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