Leicester City captain opens tattoo studio in Leicester


Clare Atkinson

Leicester City captain, Wes Morgan, has opened a new tattoo shop in the city centre.

Blue Ink Tattoo Studio, on Belgrave Gate, opened for business at 3pm on Wednesday October 8.

Natasha Toms, studio manager, said: “We’re different than other tattoo studios, we’re going in a different direction.

“You can sit and watch Netflix while getting a tattoo.”

The shop is co-owned by Scott Tayan who knew Wes Morgan from playing football together for Nottingham Forest, before a knee injury ended Tayan’s footballing career.

Morgan’s fellow Leicester players have been endorsing the new tattoo studio on social media and some will be at the studio on Monday, October 27 when a fan will be getting a half sleeve tattoo featuring 12 of the players signatures.

The Blue Ink studio has a modern look with bright colours and an open space.

Miss Toms added: “We want it to be an experience for the customer; they have to feel good while they are getting a tattoo, they don’t want to be looking at dark dingy walls.”

There are 5 studios within the store and the team are hoping to add a barbers and piercers in soon, with pieces from the clothing line ‘Ink or Ugly’ already available to buy in the shop.

Despite only currently having one tattoo artist, known as Skincandy, they are already taking bookings for weeks in advance and are expecting a new artist to be joining them soon.

Morgan is currently in Japan on international duty with Jamaica so has not been in the studio since its opening, but will be in regularly when he has returned.

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