Debates sparked on Coalville railway re-opening


Chris Harper

People have been debating the plausibility of Coalville Railway Station reopening after an Internet survey has circulated.

The survey asks a number of questions including what they think the re-opening would bring to the town and the people who live within it.

Jackie Spurling, 20, a local resident said: “If we did have a train station we’d have more visiting people to use it, might encourage big positive changes in the town.”

The Coalville Railway Station was opened in 1833 and was seen as one of the most important stations between Leicester and Burton-on-Trent.

The line closed in 1964 however there were plans to reopen the line for passenger services in the 1990s but fell through after privatisation of the British Rail.

Local MP Andrew Bridgen expressed his interest in reopening the rail on Radio Leicester in 2009.

Mr Bridgen said: “I’m all for the Coalville to Leicester Line being re-opened.”

Many people see the launch of a new railway unrealistic and believe that it will create more problems in the town.

Thringstone resident, Geoffrey Walker said: “This has been on and off the agenda for 40 years or more, it will never happen.

“The millions necessary to upgrade the line are not available especially while government cutbacks are ongoing.

“Only hope I’m proven wrong.”

Schemes conducted in 2009 by Scott Wilson engineering group believed that 2013 to 2015 would be the best time to re-open the railway.

According to a North West Leicestershire District Council spokesperson, there are currently no plans to re-open the railway but talks could commence.

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