Leicester welcomes Vegan Festival

By Mary De- Wind


Vegan businesses gathered in New Market Square to give the public insight into their products on Saturday afternoon.

Where to Vegan was founded by 27-year-old Hiren Chohan from London.

He realised that finding vegan food was hard so he decided to change that. Its website has many vegan food options as well as locations of places.

Born in Leicester, Hiren has made it his mission to target every vegan in his area and the event is held on the second Saturday of every month.

Leicester City Council head of markets Paul Edwards said: “This event will provide inspiration and ideas for anyone who’s interested in finding out more about veganism, but it will also appeal to anyone who just loves good food.”

Loretta Lee moved from Malaysia a few years ago to the UK. Moving has meant that she has had to change and adapt to this country. From being a busy entrepreneur back home, now she’s a carer for her daughter as well as a home maker.

After working with different businesses, she realised she didn’t want to work for anyone, so she started her own business Nonya Recipe.

“I started off making food with meat in them and it was great, but I wanted to do something for a niche market. So, I started making food for vegans,” said Loretta.

“My husband works a lot so I decided this business will keep me sane and occupied. So, I started a food blog and now I’m here doing what I enjoy.”

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