Girl swept away by strong current is rescued by her cousin who attends DMU


Kevin Luu at Oxwich Bay


By Declan Lloyd

A student of De Montfort University rescued his cousin in Oxwich Bay, Wales on March 18.

Business student Kevin Luu saved his 14-year-old cousin after she had been swept away by a strong current.

The water had previously been calm, but a strong current formed in a matter of moments.

Kevin said that he heard his cousin shouting and rushed over to help her.

Kevin said: “I jumped into the water without hesitation.

“The water was freezing and I was fully clothed.

“I swam towards my cousin and pulled her head above the water and dragged her back to the shore.”

Luckily Kevin’s cousin was fine after her ordeal.

Kevin added: “I was very fortunate to have been in the position to save my cousin from drowning.

“I am not a hero, I just did what anyone would do.”

A study in 2015 by the National Water Safety Forum showed that 321 people had lost their lives in accidental drownings in the UK.


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