Students fed up with construction nightmare

By Tyler Arthur

Students living at the CODE Student Accommodation block near de Montfort University Leicester have been facing problems as their living space transforms into a construction site.


The work on expanding D Block continues to frustrate students who are already paying to live in the private halls.

Kieran Roberts, 20, lives in the room directly on the other side of the wall which is being built onto.

He complained he has not been able to sleep past 7am six days per week, since work began three months ago.

“It seems ridiculous to me, that’s early even when I have a 9am lecture. And on Saturday mornings as well?” he said.

CODE Student Accommodation is reportedly one of the favourite locations for students to live in whilst attending De Montfort University, and there is always high demand for rooms.

The Leicester student living space already has five blocks, with up to seven floors of studio apartments in each of them, as well as the on-site café and more, but CODE is expanding and adding even more rooms, to be available for the next academic year.

However with the ongoing construction, adding to D block, there have been some issues for the students who live there now.

There is a large crane merely metres from the wall of the existing building, and the work which is being done is loud and has even physically impacted on the building itself.

Hole in WallMr Roberts’ room was one affected directly by the work. He said: “They drilled through my wall, and they’ve also torn all of the insulation out from the wall, so that they can continue the new building on the other side.

“It gets cold in here and the room is hardly sound proof anymore.”

There however has been some compensation for students affected by it, as CODE have offered for everyone directly attached to the construction site to have one free meal at the café per day.

“I guess it is nice that they’re giving us free food, but it’s really affecting me, I’m currently in the process of trying to change rooms and move to C Block,” Mr Roberts said.

The work will be continuing for the foreseeable future so the students who are affected by it are going to have to deal with it for the next few months until a long awaited summer holiday.

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