Survey finds 65 per cent of UK adults want a career change following pandemic

By Thomas Carter

Nearly 70 per cent of working adults in the UK want to change career pathways following a turbulent couple of years during the Covid-19 pandemic, a recent survey has found.

The survey, conducted by Careermap, sampled 2,300 UK-based adults who are all working full time, part-time, or in an apprenticeship.

Even though results show 65 per cent of respondents are looking for a career change, the survey also found that four in five people (80 per cent) have never considered using an apprenticeship as a way to re-skill or change industry.

Simon Bell, the founder of Careermap, said: “There are many misconceptions when it comes to apprenticeships, the main one being that apprenticeships are just for the younger generation.

“This simply is not the case, apprenticeships are great career pathways for anyone who is looking at a particular industry from engineering and technology to marketing and accounting.

“In fact, there are apprenticeships available in most industries, not only is this a great option to re-skill if you are looking for a career change, it can provide people with a sense of job security – especially important after the past couple of years.”

CHANGE ON THE CARDS: A Careermap survey found that 65 per cent of adults want to switch careers (Credit: Thomas Carter, Canva)

Careermap, the conductor of the survey, is one of the UK’s leading websites in offering expert guidance for people looking for apprenticeships, university degrees, graduate schemes, adult learner courses and jobs.

Bowen Saurma-Jeltsch, 20, who is a prototype mechanic as part of the Ford Motors apprenticeship, said: “I joined as an apprentice four years ago with the intention of earning a salary, getting work experience and a good education.

“Although there isn’t a right or wrong (when choosing a career), I believe that an apprenticeship can excel a person beyond the traditional degree route.

“Being able to get paid, not pay for a degree and build experience in an industry is very attractive and could lead to quicker job progression.

“By going to all of the different areas available (within the business), this gave me a greater understanding into work ethics and how a large company like Ford interconnects.

“I don’t think you can put a value on the experience you get from being able to learn a job comfortably with so many skills and study at the same time.”

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