Leicester Comedy Festival review: Tom Little at the Cosy Club


Review by Jess Urquhart

As opening lines go, “if you’ve come to see the Australian Tom Little, then you will be disappointed” didn’t really fill you with hope.

The Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year 2015 comes across as very energetic, enlightening us with the tales from his home town in Cumbria.

Yes, his joke about his name sounding like it should be from a children’s story was funny but after that the show went down a very strange route with Little going off on many different tangents. It seemed as though he had forgotten some of his set and tried to make it flow by saying what came into his head straight away and make a gag out of that.

I don’t know if this was down to nerves, but how can you go from flavours of crisps to dolphins on a hen night? To me that seemed a little strange.

The show had its ups and downs with half of the audience enjoying it and the other half just looking rather confused. A man sitting behind me found it all hilarious but the woman next to me seemed to check her phone an awful lot.

The funniest part of the show for me had to be when one of the members of the audience left and little Tom waited a good minute for him to come back, standing on the stage checking his phone before he carried on.

His impression of Suede’s Brett Anderson was fairly entertaining, and the line “I only keep this in so the audience has to applaud” cracked-up the crowd. Little does have a particularly good singing voice.

Towards the end Tom tied his show together by linking it back with his crisp debate at the beginning and also talking about how he had to send his chicken feed back.

But while the interaction with the audience delivered laughs, I found this show to be a something of a let down. I expected him to be funnier.

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