Leicester Comedy Festival review: Joe Bor

Jasper Cromwell Jones: Alternative Book Festival

The Cookie Comedy Club @ The Globe, Leicester

Review by Antoaneta Blagoeva


Joe Bor has an alter ego which he decides to channel through Jasper Cromwell Jones. He is definitely a character.

He is an author and famous adventurer but mostly he is a posh idiot. Right from the beginning he pointed out all the men with collared shirts and started chanting “Collar up!” And then laughed at his own joke in the most fake manner.

The show takes on the guise of a book festival, which includes several guests. For every guest Jasper casually went behind his poster and while changing everyone had to clap until he was ready.

The first guest was an architect who is obsessed with pillars. It made a lot of sense when he read out his erotic fiction novel about Greek lovers.

The second guest was a football coach who by football fans was described as a fat Nicolas Cage. The final third one was a woman. Her name was Sue and she was a happiness coach. Was she an optimistic lady? She had the audience close their eyes and imagine their happy place. Whilst in hers and everyone was silent she screamed out: “F@*k off, Kevin! Get out of my head!”

This earned a deserved standing ovation which in a way was forced after she screamed at everyone.

What really made this show brilliant was the fact Joe Bor at the end of his show went to each person of the audience and shook their hand. “Thank you so much.”

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