Oxfam searching for regular donors in Leicester

By Jordan Gillen

Oxfam are calling out for regular donors in Leicester to help them on their latest fresh water campaigns.

Workers for the UK’s leading global poverty charity took to the streets of Leicester today, asking for members of the public to spare some money to help the cause.

Dumic Maper, a senior Oxfam worker, said: “We are looking for regular donators to help us out. We don’t really do one-off donations anymore because there is no accountability for them.”

Oxfam currently work in more than 90 countries all over the world, including Ebola-stricken countries such as Sierra Leone and war-torn Nigeria.

Mr Maper said: “You must think that there are thousands of pounds out there but there isn’t. We rely solely on donations from other people.”

Oxfam claims to have transformed the lives of 11 million people last year thanks to all the donations they had.

Mr Maper said: “Nobody should have to be subjected to having no fresh water. It is a basic humanitarian right that everyone should be able to get their hands on.”

It takes just £2 a month to help provide the money required to help build fresh water wells to those in need of them and Mr Maper believes that everyone can do their bit.

He said: “You’re not going to notice £1 or £2 going out of your bank account every month. The money you give though will make a massive difference on the life of someone else.”

Oxfam will also be taking part in Red Nose Day 2015, where they will be selling red noses, pin badges and wristbands to support a number of projects across Africa.

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