Plans for vehicle depollution centre granted

Despite objections from local residents and multiple councillors, Leicester City Council agreed on plans to convert a former household recycling centre into an End of Life Centre at a Planning and Development Control Committee (April 26).

Councillors to debate over former household recycling centre becoming vehicle recycling centre

Pleas from locals will be heard today at Leicester City Council’s Planning and Development Control Committee today after a petition containing 24 signatories called for the rejection of a former recycling centre becoming a vehicle recycling centre.

Shama Women’s Centre has its funding slashed by Leicester City Council

A Leicester women’s centre is to have its funding cut in half by the city council, it was announced last night.

Shama women’s centre fights for council to reinstate its funding

A petition has been submitted to Leicester City Council requesting that a women’s centre in the city should have its funding reinstated.

Councillors and residents object to Cricket Club floodlight extension.

Aylestone residents and councillors are objecting to plans by Leicestershire County Cricket Club to increase the length of time its floodlights are used.