Social Media whizz lands BBC job

Social media is at the forefront of everything nowadays, providing us with instant up to date information at the click of a button and a tap of an app.

From graduation to a full time job… in just a few weeks!

First Class graduate Claire Going not only earned herself a fantastic degree classification, but also landed herself a job in PR weeks after her graduation.

The Undateables review

By Kiesha Dosanjh The title “The Undateables” gives off the vibe that Channel 4 are making a mockery of the people who suffer from mental and or psychical disabilities who feature on this show trying to find love. They of course would say it’s because the singles featuring in the programme see themselves as being […]

Acoustic rock blasts Leicester

James Cull, a musician, discusses his life and music with Emily Paget There is no better feeling than the rush of adrenaline from getting on stage to perform in front of a crowd of lively rock fans. James Cull, a musician from Leicester, is all too familiar with this feeling. “I come from a very musical family […]

The Death and Reincarnation of Video Game Retail

The last bastions of video game retail stand defiant in the face of changing markets but Oliver Huxtable asks how will this battle end and what will it mean for the way players access their games?   For many of us, the high street branches of our local Game stores have been seen as a […]