How my sister dealt with the dark cloud of depression

In light of Mental Health Awareness week, Emily Paget discusses with her sister Sarah how depression affects her life. Black clouds hang over 450 million people worldwide. For one person, Sarah, that cloud is depression and it follows her everyday. “Depression takes over everything like your thoughts and feelings, sending you into a pit of despair,” […]

Ukip MEP talks immigration, leaving the EU and why David Cameron will fail on delivering his promises to the public

Jessica Lambert speaks to UKIP MEP Roger Helmer about ‘Britain’s single biggest issue’ – immigration, and why he’s a supporter of the Better Off Out campaign. Back in 2006, David Cameron stated that UKIP was full of “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists.” It’s fair to say that until more recently, no one has paid much […]

The view from a Premier League football club’s medical table

Dr Ian Patchett is chief medical officer at Premier League new boys Leicester City. In today’s big interview, he talks to Sam Chambers about players’ safety and life in the top-flight. You’ve heard of the names. Wayne Rooney, Angel Di Maria, Cesc Fabreagas et al. Each weekend, they are just a few of many to […]

The dos and don’ts of Christmas cake baking

The festive period has come again, and with the daunting challenge of baking the Christmas cake, extra help is always appreciated. Amanda Brown, keen baker and caterer, talks Iona McGregor-Nelson through the process of creating the perfect boozy Christmas cake with these simple Dos and Don’ts. It’s that time of year again. so stock up on […]

Musician Kelsey Conroy talks about music technology and its effect on song leaking

From The Smiths to The 1975. Not only has the music people listen to changed but also how we listen to it. Music technology may be a whirlwind for the old folks but the younger generation have embraced it in their stride! Cherelle Cawthorn reports. You are in the 1980s. Music blaring, quirky dance moves all […]