From classroom to rising stardom

Music artist, Matt Henshaw talks about his career in music with Emily Paget.  In a café in Leicester, I sit down with Matt Henshaw and we talk about his music over a cup of tea. It soon emerges that although music is at the centre of his life now, it wasn’t always an easy path […]

Guitarist is an online video star

Richard Kingston, a guitarist, talks about his struggles with music and how he’s overcome them, with Emily Paget.  After a turbulent rock and roll lifestyle in his early years, Richard Kingston took some time away from his guitar. But has now returned to sharing his music, only this time online. “I overstepped this boundary in […]

The band of brothers have returned

Exiles of Elysium members, Tom Williams, Andrew Horton and Thomas Churm talk to Emily Paget about their imminent return. The underground hard-core band, hailing from the Midlands, are set to return with their debut EP, Stories, that is set to be a departure from their former sound. “We’ve progressed and chosen a more definitive path to take […]

The problem facing tattooists

Tattoo artist and shop owner, Jeremy Smith discusses what it’s like in the tattooing industry with Emily Paget.  With the tattoo industry skyrocketing into popularity, with at least 1 in 5 of us sporting some new ink; local artist, Jeremy Smith puts an end to the myth that the industry is as glamorous as it […]

Busker strikes it rich with record deal

Busking since the age of eighteen, Eleni Demetriou brings a ray of sunshine with her amazing voice on our streets, from Dover to Scotland making everyone happy. She talks to Sabah Abdi about her journey. Eleni Demetriou, age 23, from Oakham first started busking at the age of eighteen. This all started after she won […]