Leicester Comedy Festival review: Kate Barron at the Cookie

The expletive-obsessive Canadian is blunt, bold, ballsy and brilliant

Leicester Comedy Festival review: Stuart Laws at Firebug

Stuart Laws comes bursting onto the stage like a bright blue fireball of energy, full of confidence, and raring to wow the audience with his utter masterpiece of a show.

Leicester Comedy Festival review: Paul Smith at the Haymarket Theatre

There is no doubt that Paul Smith is not only the hero that comedy deserves right now, but the comedian that it needs. His quick wit and hilarious banter have made him a standout star, he is easily deserving of his name the ‘Ginger King of Comedy’.

Leicester Comedy Festival review: Myra DuBois at the Cookie

An effortless ability to draw in a crowd with a swift wit, sensational singing and shameless character – Myra DuBois is simply a gift that keeps on giving.

Leicester Comedy Festival review: Jack Barry at Brewdog

Ladies and gentleman, here comes the canary man (respect for the yellow on yellow jumpsuit). The self-described basic bitch and a wonderful lover. The first one to bring comedy to the London Eye and tremendously fail. Jack Barry at BrewDog.