LIVE BLOG: #onedayinprague

Third year Journalism students from De Montfort University, who are on a two-week internship in Prague with the Charles University Forum Magazine, are spending a day enjoying the sights, sounds and senses of the Czech Republic’s incredible capital city

Review: The best Czech beer available in Prague

Here is a review of some of the best Czech Beer I have been fortunate enough to taste during my ventures around Prague, they include my visit to be Prague Beer Museum as well as other stops along the way.

Perspectives on Prague: My first impressions

BY AMANDA HEMMINGS I’m staying in accommodation on the outskirts of Prague; in the more industrial sector. But we’re just a tram, metro, or even bus journey away from the vibrant, characteristic atmosphere that makes Prague, well, Prague. For those who are yet to visit this beautiful historical landscape, let me tell you my initial […]

A chilling history in the Prague Museum of Communism

By Alice Gibbs The Czech Republic has a vast history when it comes to politics, but perhaps most noteworthy is the time that the country – then of course the wider state of Czechoslovakia – spent under communist rule. The museum of communism in Prague represents a haunting and vivid account of this. It is […]