New York, New York

New York really is the city that never sleeps! Sales assistant, Jennifer Lucas travelled to the Big Apple with friends Renee and Melissa. As Renee was the last one out of the three friends to turn 21, she decided to take a trip to New York to celebrate. Renee had always wanted to go to […]

Relax and enjoy a Spanish getaway in Fuerteventura

Thinking of going abroad this summer? Then why not jet off to sunny Spain, for a week of relaxation on the glorious and golden beaches of Fuerteventura. Student, Kam Kaur, tells Simran Gill why a European trip to Fuerteventura is one of the best holiday experiences she has been to.

Fashion Buying students at DMU to visit the Gap headquarters in New York

Fashion Buying students at De Montfort University will be travelling to New York City at the end of the month as part of an academic trip with DMU Global.

Prague: A Cinema Experience

BY JACK BAINES Whenever in a new country the first thing you are going to do is look for things to do, most of the time it evolves sight seeing, drinking, shopping or looking for somewhere to eat all which are great. The cinema isn’t something you really consider when your abroad but why not? […]

The Alternative Guide to Prague #2: Žižkov district

BY ZOFIA FILIPOWICZ When admiring the striking panorama of Prague from the top of Hradčany castle, you, dear tourist, may have spotted an incredibly high television transmitter, rising above the city of magnificent churches and Art Nouveau facades like an unwanted weed. This high-tech, futuristic tower, decorated with disturbing sculptures of black babies, crawling up […]